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Welcome to the GGC tipping comp!
Any inquiries or issues, please contact jacob@glenelggolf.com
Good luck and may the best tipper win!
$50 entry fee to be charged to your house account.
Weekly Prize - The participant who achieves 100% correct tips for the round will be awarded a weekly prize of $50.00. If no participant achieves this, the money will be ‘jackpotted’ to the next round. If more than one participant achieves 100% correct tips, the participant that selects the closest winning margin of the first match of the round will win the weekly prize.

End of Season Prize - Depending on how many people enter the competition will determine the prize money for 1st to 5th positions. We will also have a prize for a lucky loser which will be picked randomly from the field. Please note that all funds will be distributed as prizes and are not retained as Club funds.
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