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Competition Details

The Rules:

The rules are the same as last year.

Money deposited into the assigned account before season start.

Tipping each week for the regular season only, 26 rounds.

1 bonus point awarded for a full card 8 out of 8 games (no bonus point for reduced rounds).

Get your tips in online early, as once the game starts, you will be unable to add a tip for that game.

Failure to tip a game will give you a 0 ‘Zero’ score for that game.

Choosing the correct (or closest) winning margin on the nominated game each week is important, as the margin will be a deciding factor if you end on the same points score.

All scores, margins, and tipping calculations are done by www.footytips.com.au

Thank you for joining!

$2 per round.

25 rounds = $50

Pre-payment by direct deposit into the following account:


BSB: 484-799

Account #: 86695779

Ref: Your name
1. 50% of pool

2. 30% of pool

3. 20% of pool
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