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Can the administrator edit my tips or score?

Yes, your competition administrator can edit your tips, however only if you allow it. This is done by clicking 'Settings' in the competition page, then 'My Preferences', select 'Yes' to 'Allow the administrator to enter & edit my tips?' and make sure to click 'Update'.

If you are an administrator, you will see those who have enabled this under the 'Members' tab of the competition. You will be able to 'Enter Scores' for future tips if the member is unable to themselves, or 'Adjust Scores' for the past - however this will only affect their scores in the individual competition, not the overall site ladder.

You can only adjust scores for a user once they have tipped in a round which has passed. For example, if a user joins a competition in Round 3, having not tipped the previous rounds, their scores for Round 1 & 2 can be adjusted after Round 3, given that they tip in Round 3.

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