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What is the 'margin' feature and how does it work?

For each round you are required to select a 'margin' for one game. Simply enter in the amount you think your selected team will win by.

Please note, this must be a whole number e.g. 7 points and NOT a range such as 10-20 points.

Your weekly margin which you receive for the round is the distance between your selected margin and the actual margin for the game.

For example, if you pick Team A to beat Team B by 8 points and Team A wins by 5 points your weekly margin will be 3.

If Team A were to lose by 5 points, your predicted margin is added to the actual margin so your margin would be 8 plus 5, or 13.

Each round, your weekly margin is added to form your total or cumulative margin. Like in golf, a lower margin score is better than a higher one!

We use the margin system to rank tippers who share the same number of correct tips. Therefore, the lower your total margin is, the higher you will rank.

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