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What is 'Streak' and how does it work?

The 'Streak' competition is determined by how many winning tips you can place in a row. You can tip as many or as little games per round as you would like - the trick is to only tip on games you are completely confident in.

To tip in 'Streak' go to the 'Tipping' tab in the top menu bar, select your sport, then under the 'Game' drop-down menu select 'Streak'. You can undo a tip by clicking the 'X' to the left of each game. When you do tip a message saying 'Tip Submitted' will appear as confirmation.

To turn on/off the 'Streak' option in your competition, an Admin goes to the competition page, then 'Settings', followed by 'Sports & Games', tick 'Streak' for the sport you are wanting to play on, and then click 'Update'.