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Competition Link Copy the URL above and send it to your family, friends, and co-workers.
Competition Type Public
Number of members 43
Entry Fee Entry Fee - $30.00 per person

Payment Due - Sunday, 28 June (end of Round 4)

Payment of Entry Fee and Prize money is to be made by EFT Transfer

Details Direct Deposit

BSB: 805 050

Account Number: 102502546

Account Name: Emma Acella

**Include your name in the Transaction Description

For Cash, visit Emma Acella, Level 7 - 81-95 Waymouth Street


Overall prizes paid to the top 5 ranked tipsters at the completion of Round 17. Prize amounts will be determine once total prize pool is known. Last years first prize was $500.00. Prize money will be confirmed by Round 5 once total number of entrants is known
Prizes Cash Weekly prize of $30 for the best tipper of each round.

Prize money to be paid by EFT Transfer. I will contact prize winners for their EFT details.
Welcome message Welcome to the 2020 DEW AFL Tipping Competition.


Overall ranking is determined on the total number of correct tips and by the cumulative margin for each tipster. Prizes will be awarded to the top 10 ranked tipsters. In the unlikely event a tie occurs for an overall prize (same total tips and cumulative margin) the prize money for that placing and the following placing will be combined and shared equally.

The weekly prizes will be awarded the best tipper of the round (highest correct tips with the lowest selected margin for opening match of the round). In the event of a tie for the weekly prize, the tipster who has the higher overall season ranking will be awarded the prize. If overall season ranking is also tied, the prize money will be shared equally.

The final two rounds of the 2020 AFL Season will be 'blind rounds' so you scores will be kept secret as those rounds progress. You will have to wait to the final game of the season is complete to see the final results!

Scores for not tipping

We will be using the default setting for the ESPNfootytips site.

Comp members who don't tip receive the away teams. If a comp member partially enters tips, they receive the away teams for missed tips and regular scores for entered tips.

How is the default no tips score calculated?

Comp members who don't tip receive the away teams, but their score will not increase beyond a preset maximum of 5. This means that if 6 away teams win comp members who don't enter tips receive a score of 5. If 3 away teams win, they receive a score of 3.

If payment of the entry fee is not received by 28 June 2020, comp members who haven’t paid by that date will be removed from the competition.

Contact for this competition is Emma Acella, 8463 7117,

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