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$50 per person paid by round 3 via the office and Cash only please

Weekly, half yearly and a big payout at the end of the home and away season. Payout will obviously be based on what is in the kitty, but 70% paid out to the winner, second receiving 20% and third receiving 10% of the pool at the end of year. Remember the comp is open to all members and friends so pass the word around. Some rules of engagement 1. Weekly prize for the most correct tips with the closest margin. 2. If there is a tie ( exact number of tips correct and same margin) the weekly prize jackpots until the following week. 3. If no tips received you will be allocated the away team for that round. 4. End of year prizes will be paid out in CASH only, so no need to tell the ATO of your winning ;) 5. Judges decision is final or until beaten to a pulp.