Fantasy Rules

Creating a fantasy team is a great way to make following the footy even more fun.

Create your own team of AFL or NRL players and follow their on-field play over the weekend. The players in your fantasy team earn points relating to their on-field performance so the more stats your players rack up, the higher your team scores.

Create a Team

Fantasy Prizes

There are 2 iPad Mini's up for grabs for both AFL & NRL fantasy coaches. Total of 4 iPad Mini's to win.

The coach with the most overall points at the end of the season wins an iPad Mini. This will be judged according to the AFL and NRL site ladder leaderboards at the conclusion of the home and away seasons.

The coach with the highest team score for any round throughout the entire AFL & NRL seasons will win an iPad Mini.

iPad Mini

Starting Budget

Each coach starts with $100.00 credit to buy players to fill their team.

Player and Team Values

At the start of the season player values are determinded by previous year's performances. Rookie players begin at around $1.00.

Once the first round of the season is complete player values are adjusted based on performance in round 1 matches.

A player with a high fantasy score will probably increase in value, while a player with a low score could drop in value. This will depend on the player's value before the round.

Because player values will changes over time your "team value" will change from the $100.00 you started with. Successful fantasy coaches will see their team value increase throughout the season.


Prior to the first round of the season, you can trade players in and out of your team as often as you like. If you are late to create your team (i.e. after round 1) you can trade without limit until the completion of your team's first full round.

After your team has played one full round you can trade two players per round without penalty. Each subsequent trade will incur a penalty to your overall team score for that round.

Penalties are as follows:

Bench Players

Within your team you need to allocate players into the 'bench' position. Players who are on 'the bench' will score points if one of your 'on-field' players doesn't play. Selecting low priced rookies for your bench that you think will perform is one way to increase the value of your team.

Injuries and Omissions

You will be able to view all players and their statistics via the site.

If a player is listed as injured, their jersey will show a band-aid icon. Normal trading rules and penalties apply to injured players.

If a player has been omitted from the official team list, they will be marked with a red cross.

Lock Out

Once the first match of any round has commenced players from the teams involved are locked out and can no longer be traded.

However, players in matches that have yet to start (e.g. Sunday matches) can still be traded in and out.

Once all matches have started, all players are locked out. Once all matches have finished and the round is processed, all players are once again available for trading.

Super Sub

The Super Sub is the only exception to lock outs. If you are disappointed with a player's fantasy score you can sub him out for any other player who is yet to play. It's called the Super Sub and all coaches get one per round.

Here's the scenario: One of your best players is injured, plays horribly or was a last minute scratch from their Friday night match.

Normally you would have to live with their terrible fantasy score, but the Super Sub allows you to sub this player out for anyone from Saturday or Sunday's fixture (as long as their match hasn't started yet).

You get the subbed-in player's score and they stay in your team as if you have made a regular trade. The Super Sub is a bonus trade and will not cause a trade penalty (even if 2 regular trades have already been used).

Team Rankings

Players in your team will get points for statistics earned in actual on field performance. The team with the highest number of points (per round or season) is ranked highest. Your team will be ranked against all other players on the site.

Head-to-Head Fantasy

You can include Head-to-Head Fantasy in your tipping comp or start a stand-alone fantasy comp. Navigate to Comp Settings > Sports & Games to add fantasy.

Head-to-Head comps use a similar format to the official sporting bodies. A fixture is created and each team plays another nominated team each round. Teams get points for a win, but not a loss.

H2H comps can include between 2 and 32 teams, and can vary in duration from 5 rounds to a full-season. Comp administrators can restrict the number of teams each member can enter from 1 to 5 teams. Admins can also cap the total number of teams in the comp.

Head-to-Head Finals

Finals are available for all H2H comps, but lengths vary depending on the number of teams in the comp:

    8 - 32 teams: 4 rounds of finals in the McIntyre finals format.
    4 - 7 teams: 2 rounds of finals.
    2 - 3 teams: 1 round of finals.

Finals formats are automatically set according to the number of teams in a H2H comp and can not be customised by admins.