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Name Richmond Club Hotel Footy Tipping
Competition Link Copy the URL above and send it to your friends and co-workers.
Competition Type Public
Number of members 77
Entry Fee $20 per person.

Entry payment must be made via this link: http://bit.ly/TippingPayment

Your tips will not be valid until payment has been made.
Entries will close after Round 3 (9th April)

Prizes Weekly: Perfect tippers will receive a voucher via email for a pint of Carlton Draught & chicken parma (valid for the following week only)

Halfway: Leading tipper halfway through the season will receive 1 case of Carlton Draught + a $200 RCH venue voucher

1st: 60% of the cash pool + your weight in Carlton Draught

2nd: 30% of the cash pool + a year's supply of parmas

3rd: 10% of the cash pool

Terms & Conditions:
Winners will be contacted by Monday 27th August, 2018
Weight in Carlton Draught is determined by body weight. The winner will be weighed in venue & Carlton Draught will be provided in slabs.
A year's supply of parmas equates to 52 parmas and can be redeemed at a rate of 1 per week. Prize to be provided in vouchers.
Weekly perfect tipper prizes will be valid for 7 days from date of prize being issued
By entering our tipping competition, you agree to receiving on-going marketing material from Richmond Club Hotel. Simply opt out if you no longer wish to receive material or contact marketing@sandhillroad.com.au. View our privacy policy - http://www.sandhillroad.com.au/privacy
Welcome message Hi there,

Welcome to the Richmond Club Hotel Footy Tipping Competition in conjunction with Carlton Draught. Thanks for joining us! May the best tipper win!

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