ACTU ME Bank Union Footy Comp AFL

ACTU ME Bank Union Footy Comp AFL

Australian Unions and ME Bank, proudly present the 2014 AFL FREE Footy Tipping Comp just for union members. After the final rounds of the 2014 home and away season the highest ranked tipsters for both AFL and NRL codes will receive a $1,000 EveryDay Transaction Account from ME Bank*, the bank for union members. To be part of the either the AFL and/or the NRL footy tipping competition register on or reactivate your registration from previous years. If you are reactivating a previous registration please remember to use your username, NOT your email address, to sign in. *For full terms and conditions please visit our website

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$1000 EveryDay Transaction Account with ME Bank is awarded to the highest tipster in the AFL and NRL competitions after the final round of each home and away season has been completed. Only financial members of ACTU affiliated unions are eligible to claim prizes. Retirees who were a member of an affiliated union at the time they retired are also eligible.