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Missed Tips Scores

If you're frustrated that comp members who don't enter tips occasionally score higher than those who do, we hear you!

  • Footytips standard no tips score is still the default option.
  • Zero points for missed tips.
  • Away teams - X
  • Lowest round score + or - X
  • Average round score + or - X

All Correct Bonus

Do you want to reward tippers that tip a perfect round?

Comp members that tip a perfect round can be allocated between 1 and 5 bonus points to their regular round score

  • This feature is optional for the finals if your comp offers finals tipping.

Joker Rounds

In a joker round a comp member's score is doubled. There can be between 1 & 5 Joker rounds in any season.

There are two options for Joker rounds.

  • Tippers can choose which rounds to play a Joker.
  • The comp administrator can preset Joker rounds.

Tipping Made Easy

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  • Tip better with our Form Guide.
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  • Great mobile site & apps.
  • Win a WHOPPER® for perfect AFL & NRL tips*.
  • Follow live scores for AFL, NRL, A-League & Super Rugby.
* For rounds of 6 matches and above

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  • Easily communicate with your tippers via email or your comp wall.
  • Choose what score tippers will receive when they don’t enter tips.
  • Add multiple sports to the same comp, as well as 4 other fun games.

Mobile Tipping

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Older phones please use No Windows Phone or iPad apps yet.

Mid Round Updates

Check your tips as they come in with results that come in once games are finished.

Login during the round to see who tipped what and find out if you have made up any ground with your awesome tipping.

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Comp Wall

Every competition comes standard with a comp wall so you can make announcements, and so tippers can sledge each other.

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