In 2014 we are giving away loads of cash and prizes around AFL, NRL, Super Rugby and World Cup tipping...

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AFL & NRL Fantasy

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Mobile Tipping

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Perfect Tips Win!

Tip a perfect round* (all correct tips) in either AFL or NRL and you'll win a FREE Hungry Jack's WHOPPER voucher.

Learn more about the WHOPPER® for WHOPPER promotion and see how you can become a winner.

* For rounds of 6 matches and above

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  • Add multiple sports to the same comp, as well as 4 other fun games.

Live Scores!

Live scores are available for free on the web and mobile for AFL, NRL, Super Rugby and A-League tippers.

Follow the scores and see how your tips shape up as all the games happen!

Tipping Made Easy

Enter tips from any web enabled device.

  • Tip better with our Form Guide.
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  • Win a WHOPPER® for perfect AFL & NRL tips*.
  • Follow live scores for AFL, NRL, A-League & Super Rugby.
* For rounds of 6 matches and above

Missed Tips Scores

If you're frustrated that comp members who don't enter tips occasionally score higher than those who do, we hear you!

* Where X equals any value you want

All Correct Bonuses

Do you want to reward tippers that tip a perfect round?

Comp members that tip a perfect round can be allocated between 1 and 5 bonus points to their regular round score

  • This feature is optional for the finals if your comp offers finals tipping.

Joker Rounds

In a joker round a comp member's score is doubled. There can be between 1 & 5 Joker rounds in any season.

There are two options for Joker rounds: